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Daniel Muteti

Daniel Muteti

MV focus area: Community, Content, Economics, Technology
Field of Expertise: Content Prototyping, Digital Media Innovations, Financial Modelling, Human Resources, Organisational Development
Language: English, German, Swahili
Country: Kenya

Daniel Muteti Jnr is a multimedia practioner with eight years of experience working as a continuity presenter at ECN radio, Ghetto FM and currently at Ruben FM. He is also a studio technical operator at Ruben FM and has worked for the Standard Group Limited on the same capacity. Muteti is also a project manager with AGJK where he runs the programs docket.

He is currently working as a media viability consultant improving small and medium media houses’ operational capacity. Muteti is a powerful force in the workplace as he uses his positive energy and attitude to encourage others become better at what they are doing in order to succeed. Muteti is inspired by building platforms for journalists to showcase their talents. He enjoys swimming and cycling during his free time.


What motivates you to be part of the Media Viability ecosystem?

Having worked for community media for the past seven years and the mainstream media, I have gained massive expertise of the Kenyan media sector and it’s impact on local communities and the general Kenya citizenry. With a rapidly changing media environment accelerated by constant technological changes and the digital switchover, media outlets have been slowly adjusting the digital disruption. With changing consumer insights, evolving audience profiles, emerging digital trends and disruptions by the Covid-19 pandemic, media outlets need to adjust their business models in order to remain viable.
With my recent engagements with the DW Akademie as a media viability consultant, I feel that knowledge gained from this program coupled with my experience as a media practitioner are relevant to help media outlets remain viable and sustainable in the long run. Networks built over time, and my interactions as a media trainer also make me part of the media viability ecosystem.


What impact do you want to make in the media sector?

With my operational experience from both mainstream and community media, I would like to impact the way media outlets engage their audiences better understanding their needs and serve them better. I look forward to impart skills on better audience analysis, content prototyping and objective delivery to engage a vibrant audience. I also look forward to strengthening the human resource especially in community(small and medium) media outlets.
With an ever changing technological landscape, media outlets need to adjust their business models to suit their operations while diversifying their revenue streams, I will be keen to walk the media houses through emerging digital trends and innovative approaches within the newsrooms. This will help outlets be aware of their place in the digital ecosystem, understanding their online consumers while coming up with new business models and ideas for their outlets. This will in turn help diversify revenue streams keeping the newsroom viable.
Financial awareness is key in any organization .With my training on Financial modelling and Accounting basics, news outlets interacting with me will be able to keep their finances in check, report effectively on finances and most importantly be able to forecast their financial futures enabling the management make sound financial decisions keeping their outlets viable.


What can media organisations as beneficiaries expect when they work with you?

Media organizations working with me will benefit in a number of ways. The media houses will be able to better understand their audiences by building clear audience profiles based on Human Centered Design (HCD) fully involving the targeted audiences. The outlets will also be able to prototype and design ideas based on HCD concepts. They will also be able to handle their human resource better, having a highly motivated staff helping media outlets engage better, while they will increase their understand of their place in the digital media landscape, adopting audience and subscription models that help the outlet remain viable, or adopt new digital tools that help news rooms better manage their daily work.
Media organizations working with me will also be able to apply financial modelling to forecast their future within the industry. Basic accounting principles, cashflow management tools, analyzing their business models and creating new tools that can be of use to the station. Additionally, media outlets will have the opportunity to go through the Viabilty Assesment Map to find out how viable they are and what areas require more attention and development.


Accounting and Financial Modelling

Community Engagement

Continuity Broadcasting

Digital Trends and Innovation

Human Centered Design

Media Viability Assessment

Mentoring and Coaching

Networking and Platform Building

Organisational Development

Participatory Audience Research

Social and Behavior Change Communication

Studio Technical Operations


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