Understanding Kenya’s media struggles – perspective from senior journalists

Kenyan media houses continue to reel from the economic downturn that has forced them to scrap some of their operations, reduce the number of staff, and merge some departments,  all in a bid to stay afloat. And as EAST Site writer Isaac Swila found out, some, like the Standard Media Group has witnessed talent hemorrhage with journalists yet to be paid for over four months.

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  by: Isaac Swila   |   02-Apr-23

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Media Innovation Centre partners with Mozilla to launch Pocket

The partnership will also ensure that local content is curated and distributed to better optimize the product and meet the needs of Kenyan online users.

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  by: Caleb Chuma   |   30-Jun-22

The symbiosis between Media Viability and Media Safety

This report investigates the link between media safety and media viability.

  by: DW Akademie   |   23-Sep-21

Misinformation Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa

The two reports examine policy towards misinformation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  by: University of Westminster Press   |   23-Sep-21

For the media to flourish, and the society to have free flow of accurate and verifiable information, journalists, the drivers in the passing of information are expected to be well grounded in laws and the legal aspect pertaining to the job, writes Alfred Ganzo.

  by: Alfred Ganzo

Pitching provides numerous opportunities for your new or existing business ideas to be discovered and realized; and as Simon Mtabazi writes,  some startups have become billion-dollar companies due to efffevie pitches

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  by: Simon Mtabazi

The success you achieve with your media startup business will heavily rely on your reputation as a trustworthy company, and as Nandi Mwiyombella writes, it will also open a new window for customers and potential investors.

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  by: Nandi Mwiyombella

That’s why I think today is such a great space for us to sit back and reflect on the questions that could help us shape the kind of journalism that we want to see in our local and global community.

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  by: Caleb Chuma

The report specifically analysed eight major variables which include: newsroom structure and resources, media ownership and business models, organisational capacity, innovation culture, journalism culture, financial trends and results, content quality and COVID-19.

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  by: Caleb Chuma

Mudi, in her role as Media Council of Kenya regional coordinator in charge of Mombasa(covering the entire coastal region), has found herself at the forefront in advocating and fighting to protect journalists’ rights, culminating in her being awarded for her peace efforts in the run-up and during the 2022 general elections in Kenya.

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  by: Isaac Swila

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