The Editor: Chronicling African Journalism

In this podcast, we feature the pioneers, trendsetters, trailblazers and the future of journalism in Africa. We sit down with some of Africa’s most consequential journalists to draw insights from their experiences, triumphs, tough choices and what they think about the future of journalism in Africa. Every podcast shall be accompanied by a long-read feature story and/or a verbatim Q&A write-up of each session. The interview will take the format described below which will form a four-part series. Each part will be 30 minutes long.

Part I: The person”: In this introductory section, we seek to understand the guest as an individual. What is their story? What are their aspirations? What drives them?

Part II: “The journalist”: We trace the guest’s journalism career. What was their motivation for pursuing journalism? What were the most defining moments in their journalism career?

Part III: “Triumphs, Tough Choices and Legacy”: As we delve deeper into their journalism journey, in this section, we seek to explore their greatest achievements, the difficult decisions they took and the legacy they wish to leave behind.

Part IV: “The Crystal Ball”: In this final section, our guest will provide us with insights on their understanding of the future of journalism in Africa.

Each session will be produced in two episodes, each one hour long.

Episode Six, Part Two: Jamila Mohamed


Episode Six, Part One: Jamila Mohamed


Episode Five; Part Two: Gado


Episode Five; Part One: Gado


Episode Four, Part Two: Njeri Rugene


Episode Four, Part One: Njeri Rugene


Episode Three, Part Two: Joe Odindo


Episode Three, Part One: Joe Odindo


Episode Two: Catherine Gicheru


Episode One, Part Two: Wangethi Mwangi


Episode One, Part One: Wangethi Mwangi