Expert Database

The Media Viability Consultant Database showcases the consultants trained as professional Media Viability Consultants in the framework of the Media Futures East Africa Project and in collaboration with our partners Tanzania Media Foundation, Innovation Village, Ultimate Multimedia Consult, Media Focus on Africa and the DW Akademie Kenya Project.

The experts have successfully completed a rigorous training program covering all aspects of Media Viability (Economics, Politics, Technology/Innovation, Content Production and Community Management) as well as methodological consultation skills. They have extensive practical experience consulting small/medium media houses, as well as training in their specific area of expertise – pertinent for supporting media houses across the region and beyond in producing high-quality, public-interest content, sustainably.

Use our search tool below to get to know media viability consultants across Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

You are a media viability consultant and would like to be part of our MV database? Please contact us at info.icmediafutures[at]