Media Viability Consultancy

Media houses in East Africa have found it increasingly difficult to sustain their operations during the coronavirus pandemic. This makes the subject of Media Viability all the more vital and timely. The Media Futures EA project, together with its partners in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, is training Media Viability Consultants to support smaller and medium-sized media houses. The trained consultants will, in turn, play a key role in finding solutions to the complex challenges facing media outlets with regard to Media Viability. Once trained, the Media Viability Consultants will be capable and available to directly support media houses that are striving to viably provide quality journalism. The Media Viability Consultancy covers the following thematic areas, while the specific curriculum is adapted to the individual need of each national media landscape: 

What are the values, roles and goals of a consultant in the media sphere? Which tools, attributes and skills are needed?

Consulting Tools & Methodologies

How to create viable revenue streams and explore new business opportunities?

Business Development

In which ways can the media houses embrace new technology and innovation to foster their viability?

Technology &

How can media houses best manage their human and material resources to support permanent, positive change?

Management & Capacity Building

In a world of information overload and digitalisation, how do media houses create meaningful relevant content and maintain a committed loyal audience?

Quality Content & Audience Engagement

How can media houses form partnerships to collaboratively navigate the political and economic landscape they are working in?

Political & Economic Environment


We are looking to train between 8-12 MVCs per country

To apply for the media viability consultancy training please fill out this form

We are looking for experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, based on the five areas of media viability. Ideally, candidates should have previous experience consulting and a good understanding of the local media landscape. 

The first cohort of Media Viability consultants in Kenya has already been trained. Trainings in Uganda and Tanzania are outstanding though dates vary in each country. To highlight your interest submit an application via this form. 

MVC training is scheduled to last between 3-6 months, depending on the preferences and availability of the cohort. Engagement varies from a total of 2-5 days per month.

The MVC training is conducted in hybrid form, containing both digital and analog interactions – in a group, as well as individual setting. 

The training to become a Media Viability Consultant is free of charge. Travel and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed.

The media viability consultants will focus mainly on smaller/medium-sized media outlets, including all formats from radio, TV, print, to digital.