About the project

The Media Futures East Africa Project is one of the most comprehensive interventions aiming to support and encourage Media Viability in East Africa. The project is conducted by the Aga Khan University in Nairobi in partnership with DW Akademie and with the support of the German Development Bank KfW. The primary goal of the project is to bolster quality journalism which will in turn ensure a viable future for media houses in the region.

What is Media Viability?

Media Viability is the ability of any media organisation to survive, adapt, develop and thrive by producing high-quality journalism in a fast-changing world.

Whether it is print media evolving into online publications or radio stations live streaming their content on social media, the aim is to embrace the future with openness, innovation and professionalism. To achieve this, potential and existing media practitioners need to take a holistic approach which encompasses not just the business model but also takes into consideration the political situation, content creation, technology, economics and the wider community. The key to Media Viability is finding a stable balance amongst these aspects thus creating room for growth and success.

Media Viability Explainer Video (English)

Media Viability Explainer Video (Kiswahili Version)




Working together with our partners, we organise events, bring together experts in specific fields and speak at conferences that encourage Media Viability in the region.


Media Challenge Initiative Uganda (MCI)
Media Challenge Initiative Uganda (MCI)

Assists in fostering Innovation for Media Viability (MV) through mentoring Innovators-in-Residence and providing a collaborative space at the 'MCI Media Hub' in Kampala to accelerate ideas and solutions for journalism.
Tanzania Media Foundation (TMF)
Tanzania Media Foundation (TMF)

Beyond being a key implementing partner in training the Media Viability Consultants in Tanzania, TMF also supports the nurturing of an innovative mindset in Tanzanian media ‚Äď through the 'Makini Lab' in Dar Es Salaam.
Media Focus Africa (MFA)
Media Focus Africa (MFA)

Provides expert training in the areas of gender equality and Social Media management
Media Council of Kenya (MCK)
Media Council of Kenya (MCK)

Offers support through research and skills sharing on the legal and political challenges and opportunities for Media Viability.

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We train Media Viability Consultants in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Do you have what it takes to become a Media Viability Consultant? Write to us here dw-akademie.media-futures[at]dw.com  for Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania or fill out the following form



Apply for media house support

We support media houses to improve their viability through training, research, and in-house consultancy. Are you a small or medium-sized media house looking for support to ensure long term viability? Fill out the following form.  


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We have a great network of partners – want to be part of the Media Futures EA Project? Send us an email: dw-akademie.media-futures[at]dw.com.