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Community Training Curriculum: Media Business Models

Zoom Online, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of

In this workshop, learn how to design a viable business model for your media entity. Suitable for all media entities at various business stages.

Innovation Community Training Curriculum: Content/Product Development

Online Online, Nairobi, Kenya

HCD encompasses 7 key aspects: learning from failure, making products, creative confidence, empathy, embracing ambiguity, optimism and iterating designs. This virtual conversation engages designers, media houses and journalists who are using HCD principles as a foundation for media innovation.

The power of multimedia storytelling: Part One

Online Online, Nairobi, Kenya

Learn from seasoned experts (such as podcasters) on they are leveraging a variety of media formats to create and enhance their media content.

Innovation Community Training Curriculum: Media Industry Analysis

Online Online, Nairobi, Kenya

Which aspects should be considered when trying not only to survive financially as a media outlet but to produce quality content and attract enough income to run a successful business? Find out in this comprehensive workshop complete with tools and frameworks for achieving Media Viability.

Community Training: Identify your media fundraising strategy

Online Online, Nairobi, Kenya

To keep your start-up growing and take it to the next level, most start-ups will need to secure additional funding. Having clarity on how much money you need, what you need it for when you need it by, and who you can realistically source it from will become one of the main activities of a start-up CEO in the media landscape in Africa.

Community Training: Fundraising from Venture Capital / Angel Investors

Online Online, Nairobi, Kenya

If you've decided venture capital (VC) or angel investing is what's going to make your media start-up survive and strive, you will have to up your investor knowledge and skills. Who to approach, what to prepare, do's and dont's in investor pitching - Kitawa Wemo will provide a deep-dive into the world of fundraising.

Community Training: Boosting Audience Engagement in Journalism

Online Online, Nairobi, Kenya

This workshop seeks to explore various concept such as: How to use the audience to grow engagement; How to leverage comments; How to encourage user generated content, and; What audience metrics to track.

Community Training: Intelectual Property and Media Law

Online Online, Nairobi, Kenya

    Trainer: Liz Lenjo - Advocate of the High Court of Kenya Liz Lenjo is the Founder and Managing Consultant of MYIP Legal Studio. She specializes in Intellectual Property, Entertainment, Media, and Fashion Law. She is an immediate Former Member of the Copyright Tribunal, the tribunal established under Section 48 of the Copyright Act […]

Community Training: Pitching Stories Well

Online Online, Nairobi, Kenya

This training aims to help participants develop in-depth story-pitching techniques that quickly attract the eye of a news manager.

Community Training: Managing Mental Health for Media Start-ups

Online Online, Nairobi, Kenya

  Trainer: Victor Omollo - Leadership Coach & Trainer, The Peculiar People Victor is a coach and trainer who has helped professionals and entrepreneurs gain fresh perspectives to purpose, problems, performance, personal development, and positive progress in life and their careers. He has created platforms that inspire people to explore individual potential and synergetic collaboration […]